The Best Singles of 2013, #18

band01Charli XCX, “You (Ha Ha Ha)”

21 year-old Charlotte Aitchison has quickly made a name for herself as one of her generation’s best pop songwriters – she was the mastermind behind Icona Pop’s brilliant 2012 single “I Love it”, which became a global hit 14 months after it came out – and she didn’t disappoint on her much-anticipated album True Romance this year. The best track on a record that dwelled on her love life turned out to be a kiss-off song, and what a song it is, full of vindictive sentiment and punctuated by an obnoxious, “You, you lied, ha, ha, ha, I was right” chorus, culminating in the verse, “And now you’re walking on your own / The rain falls down, I’m not answering my phone / I got to phase you out my zone / Hope you realize now that I’m never coming home / You were meant to be alone.” Toss in a jarring, gun-wielding video, and you’ve got a fantastic statement of independence from a young artist whose potential is as imposing as a revenge song like this. Don’t ever get on her bad side.