The Best Singles of 2013, #15

band01Paramore, “Daydreaming”

At first it doesn’t feel like this track is anything special, but when you listen closely, the deceptively simple “Daydreaming” reveals a great deal of songwriting smarts and production wizardry. Yet another example of how much Hayley Williams and Taylor York have grown as songwriters on the band’s audacious fourth album, it smartly sidesteps the post-hardcore that Paramore became famous for, and which they desperately needed to shed if they wanted to have any longevity to speak of. It’s a total ‘90s homage from the Cranberries chiminess and Smashing Pumpkins mellow drama, underscored by cascading synths that give the track an undeniable dreampop feel. But when you strip all the trappings away, you get a disarmingly dead-on Go-Go’s tune, or even early solo Belinda Carlisle. You can practically envision her singing those lyrics atop insistent drumming by Gina Schock. But nope, this is Williams’ track, and like every other song on Paramore, she owns it, leading the song to crescendo after glorious crescendo. And to think this is only the fourth or fifth best song on the entire album.