The Best Singles of 2013, #11

band01Best Coast, “Who Have I Become”

Although it had its charms, Best Coast’s second album The Only Place paled in comparison to the vibrant and fun Crazy For You, which was my 2010 Album of the Year. And it’s as if Bethany Cosentino sensed that album was too tame, too melancholy, because the seven-song Fade Away EP, released this past fall, marked a return to the more upbeat side of the band. Of all the songs on it, “Who Have I become”, which is actually a B-side on the “Fear of My Identity” single, is easily the best song, a flighty little country-tinged, Rilo Kiley-esque tune that bounces along at a good little clip, with a fantastic vocal turn by Cosentino, who songs some of her most perceptive lyrics to date. Now this is more like it.