The Best Singles of 2013, #3

band01Katy B, “5 A.M.”

The debut album by British singer-songwriter Kathleen Anne Brien remains one of my favourite pop albums of the last couple years, and judging by the several tracks that have surfaced in anticipation of her 2014 follow-up Little Red, the new record just might be even better. “5 A.M.” is the best of the lot, a pulsating house thumper which, despite the energy of the track and Katy’s beguiling delivery, overflows with sadness and loneliness: “I lost my friends, I check my phone / Still searching for someone to walk with me… I need somebody to calm me down / A little loving like Valium / I need somebody to knock me out.” It’s the perfect after-hours song, permeated with nocturnal bleakness, with the sobering sunrise starting to lighten the sky.