The 2013 Single of the Year

band01Paramore, “Still Into You”

The lead single from Paramore’s fourth album, the dark “Now”, was an odd choice, one that left many wondering if that was the best the new record had to offer. All fears were tossed aside as soon as the follow-up debuted in the weeks prior to the album’s release. Giddy, bouncy, and adorned with little touches that gleefully hearken back to the 1980s – the new wave-ish funk beat, the muted guitar accents, that bassline, those clapclap handclaps – “Still Into You” is a classic, pitch-perfect execution of the bubblegum pop formula featuring a powerhouse vocal performance by singer Hayley Williams. “Can’t count the years on one hand, that we’ve been together,” she sings, adding whimsically yet sincerely, “I need the other one to hold you, make you feel, make you feel better.” Strife and slight self-doubt, followed by a confession over a hushed bridge (“After all this time…”), and then an explosion of emotion in one of the most adorable lines I’ve ever heard in a pop tune: “I should be over all the butterflies.” Sung with pure, unadulterated joy. Now buoyed by that admission, Williams becomes more playful – just listen to her phrasing as she sings, “Recount the night that I first met your mother” – and the song climaxes in a joyous, disco-beat driven break in which Williams sums up her sentiment so succinctly it’s oddly poetic: “Some things just, some things just make sense and one of those is you and I.” By far the band’s most successful single to date, this shamelessly sweet song was a slam dunk choice as Single of the Year.