“Make the World Scared”


Doing interviews for my Iron Fist retrospective for Accept’s classic 1984 album Balls to the Wall, my most pressing question to the guys was, “What’s that scraping sound before the spoken part of the title track?” It’s never failed to make the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end, but I could never figure out what it actually was.

Wolf Hoffmann has the explanation:

“That bone-cracking sound? You now what that is, it’s Udo and his teeth. He had this weird ability, and I bet you he still does, where he’d just sit there and drive us crazy sitting in the back of the room, not saying anything and just grind his teeth. He’d make this awful sound. Terrible. And we said, ‘You gotta make that sound on the song.’ So he did. Obviously you have to go really close to the microphone, grind your teeth, and that’s the sound you get. And you gotta have teeth like Udo’s to make that happen.”

Read the entire story of the making of Balls to the Wall in the current issue of Iron Fist. Order it here.