The Best Singles of 2014, #19


19. Zola Jesus, “Dangerous Days”

It pained me to leave Zola Jesus’s album Taiga out of my list of the top 35 albums I’m presenting here, but it just hasn’t won me over quite like Conatus and especially last year’s Versions have. That said, the album’s first single “Dangerous Days” remains the one song off that record that sees Nika Rosa Danilova making serious strides towards finding that perfect hybrid of pop, goth, and electro that she’s been hinting at for years. Starting off as a thrumming march like Kate Bush’s “Cloudbusting” – and also bearing a strong resemblance to M83’s “Intro”, which she sang on – it smoothly morphs into a surprising banger of a dance track, Danilova showing the same vocal restraint she showed on Versions. It’s that controlled side of her music that truly shows the potential of her music, and it’s as good a song I’ve heard her sing on.