The Best Singles of 2014, #18


18. Tegan and Sara / The Lonely Island, “Everything is AWESOME!!!”

Kids’ movies that I genuinely like are an extreme rarity, and soundtrack songs from kids’ songs that I enjoy are even rarer. So I was more than surprised by how much fun I had watching The Lego Movie with my niece, and just how much I loved the frenetic, manic, persistently bubbly anthem by Tegan and Sara and the guys from The Lonely Island. The thing is, it might seem like a trite electro tune aimed at children, but it’s actually wickedly smart, and much of the credit goes to producer – and former Devo genius – Mark Mothersbaugh. The song starts out as a propaganda piece for the beginning of the movie, piping in a mantra of complacency among the population, but it slowly, subtly builds steam until it becomes a true exhortation of pure joy, and by the end of the movie the words take on a new meaning. Listen to this song, and you’ll feel more awesome than an awesome possum.