The Best Singles of 2014, #15


15. Chvrches, “Dead Air”

2014 was spent by Chvrches busily building its audience after a year of critical acclaim, and although it seemed the trio had been on the road forever, the tactic was working, as they’ve rapidly become a very popular band. More and more people have been drawn to their keen, smart blend of icy electro pop and the contrasting warmth of singer Lauren Mayberry. I don’t know if “Dead Air”, the song they contributed to the Lorde-curated soundtrack album to the latest Hunger Games movie, was just a leftover from last year’s great debut album The Bones of What You Believe, but as familiar as the formula is, the track is yet another standout piece by the band, keeping things simple and predictable, but Mayberry’s singing on the chorus is the clincher, kicking up the passion a few notches. The song’s a very good way to whet the appetite of fans, as well as keep the band in the public eye thanks to a hugely popular movie franchise. The fact that it’s a great little tune – when it really didn’t have to be – is just gravy.