The Best Singles of 2014, #3


3. Alvvays, “Archie, Marry Me”

Could this song not start off any more twee? Chirping birds, plaintively strummed guitar strings like some long-lost Bell and Sebastian demo recorded in a garden. But that’s the mood Alvvays sets out to establish on its lush, lo-fi charmer of a debut album, and breakthrough single “Marry Me Archie” absolutely nails it. That opening is just beautiful, completely evocative of 1990s indie rock, and much like Camera Obscura, Molly Rankin displays a knack for wry humour: “You’ve expressed explicitly your contempt for matrimony / You’ve student loans to pay and will not risk the alimony…So, honey, take me by the hand and we can sign some papers / Forget the invitations, floral arrangements and bread makers.” In contrast to Perfect Pussy’s “Interference Fits”, where Meredith Graves expresses concern about the pressure to marry in one’s 20s, Rankin’s protagonist embraces the idea with wit, warmth, and shameless romanticism.