The Best Tracks of 2015, #20


20. White Willow, “Animal Magnetism”

If you’re not familiar with the title track from Scorpions’ 1980 album Animal Magnetism, it’s an oddly murky, heavy piece, full of menace and lust, a stark contrast to the band’s lighter, more melodic fare they were cranking out at a prolific rate at the time. Norwegian progressive rock band White Willow, a personal favourite of mine for years, have transformed the song into a high-gloss, synth-driven track more akin to Tangerine Dream, Goblin, and Giorgio Moroder. Best of all, singer Venke Knutson turns the song’s perspective on its ear by giving it a sultry, predatory, distinctly feminine point of view, and by the time the klezmer clarinet solo by David Krakauer kicks in, you’re buying in completely to the strange spectacle of it all. It’s a wildly creative cover that you won’t soon forget. (Spotify) (Soundcloud)