The Best Tracks of 2015, #17


17. Lana Del Rey, “Honeymoon”

I’ve always considered Lana Del Rey to be a lot smarter artist than many have been willing to give her credit for in the past, but with each new record she surprises me with her daring, her poetry, and the depth of her persona. Flying right in the face of “Video Games” and “West Coast”, the near-six-minute “Honeymoon” is a straight-up torch song in the classic sense. It might be hushed and very, very subtle (you can barely tell it has guitar and drums) but it’s the most grandiose song she’s ever put together. It broods like a Hollywood noir story, with Del Rey as the femme fatale and ingenue at the same time, the song aching with melancholy strings in stark contrast with the optimism the title normally implies. No, this is languid, quietly explicit, highly intimate, but tempered with sadness that runs deeply throughout this extraordinary song. (Spotify) (YouTube)