The Best Tracks of 2015, #13


13. CHVRCHES, “Empty Threat”

Lauren Mayberry of CHVRCHES quickly became known for being a rather irascible lyricist, and is indeed tremendously gifted at confrontation, which I will get into later on in this list. What makes “Empty Threat” so remarkable, on the other hand, is how she cautiously embraces positivity while at the same time foreseeing doom and gloom on the horizon. It takes guts to admit you’re wrong, but she does (“Take it back with no regrets / I was better off when I was on your side / And I was holding on”) and although the “rising water” is there, it’s far from the tsunami she originally though. It’s a sweet little admission of vulnerability and foolish worry, and the song explodes into its own waves of ebullience, capping off the most genuinely happy song the trio have ever written. (Spotify) (YouTube)