The Best Tracks of 2015, #10


10. Clutch, “A Quick Death in Texas”

As mentioned in the albums category, Clutch delivered their tightest album in more than a decade with Psychic Warfare, and the best track on the entire record is “A Quick Death in Texas”, which is a perfect microcosm of what this band is doing so well these days. It’s all about groove, and the ease with which guitarist Tim Sult, bassist Dan Maines, and drummer JP Gaster move and swing is a marvel to hear. It’s such a simple jam, interrupted by an inspired skank beat during the bridge, but their model here is clearly early ZZ Top, as Neil Fallon humourously quips at one point, “Please forgive me, Mr. Gibbons”. Fallon tells a fun little tale about being pursued by an angry tractor supply owner, capping it off in a wickedly fun Texas sing-along: “Beaumont, Amarillo, got a line on me / Galveston, El Paso, Nacogdoches, Abilene”. A blast from start to finish. (YouTube) (iTunes)