The Best Tracks of 2015, #9


9. Blur, “Go Out”

For an album that charmed me so much by how familiar Blur sounded, my favourite song from The Magic Whip is the weirdest one on the whole dang record. But the genius of “Go Out”, like other weirdo Blur diversions of the past, is how it balances formula with experimentation. You hear that playful guitar, loping bass, and Damon Albarn’s distinct voice, and it immediately registers as “Blur”, but it’s so strangely metronomic and modal in its approach, the band simply repeating the same riff pattern throughout, that it has an unmistakeable krautrock feel to it. They get so much out of so very little. And that’s where this song got me: it’s Blur-goes-Can. Simple as that. (Spotify) (YouTube)