The Best Tracks of 2015, #4


4. Royal Thunder, “Time Machine”

The lead track off Royal Thunder’s stupendous Crooked Doors album knocked me flat over when I first heard it in January. And that was completely on a visceral, instinctive level. I paid no attention to the lyrics, just the music, and the breadth, immediacy, and confidence of the song had me spellbound. Some bands ar ebetter off focusing more on hard rock than metal sounds, and by stripping away the sludge Royal Thunder created something more vibrant, more emotional. And when you finally do see those autobiographical lyrics by Mel Parsonz, you’re left reeling. Or at least I was: “I finally found a way to feel / No more will I pretend / You won’t haunt me in my life / I’m going to confess / I finally found a peace within / As the colors fades away / I break free from your arms / And burn you in this bed.” (Spotify) (YouTube)