The Best Tracks of 2017, #12

12. Kesha, “Let ‘em Talk”

Of all of Kesha’s empowering statements on the triumphant comeback album Rainbow, “Let ‘em Talk” is by far the most powerful. Backed by Eagles of Death metal in a pairing so inspired it makes me wish she’d join the band as permanent singer, Kesha doesn’t hold back, and it is glorious to hear: “You, you got your own opinions / Baby, I don’t even need to hear ’em / It used to hurt me, used to bring me down / Do your worst, ’cause nothing’s gonna stop me now…Loves and hates, they don’t really know about you / I’ve decided all the haters everywhere can suck my dick.” It’s a blunt statement of intent from an artist who endured a litigation nightmare, and although she didn’t win her case against her former producer, the man is now a pariah and Ms. Sebert emerged as a folk hero.