The Best Tracks of 2017, #11


11. Wolf Alice, “Don’t Delete the Kisses”

It’s great to see a young British rock band like Wolf Alice do so well for themselves, but wow, if “Don’t Delete the Kisses” came out in 1996 is would have been monstrous. Ting is, though, as indebted as it is to Stone Roses, Pulp, and Lush, it is so beautifully rendered by the band and producer Justin Meldal-Johnsen that is somehow manages to feel contemporary. And for such a young lyricist, Ellie Rowsell displays so much maturity and poetry: “And there’s the night-bus, I have to go / And the doors are closing and you were waving / And I like you, and I’ll never let it show / And you won’t wait and maybe I won’t mind / I work better on my own / And now I’m, well, a bit drunk / And I ask myself / What if it’s not meant for me?”