The Best Tracks of 2017, #3

3. Lana Del Rey, “Love”

In a year riddled with tragedy and unrest it was Lana Del Rey who came through with a song that cut through all the misery and offered a tiny glimmer of hope. It’s almost as if this world has gotten too cynical for a simple song about love to connect with people, but Del Rey’s stunning debut single from her third album did just that. “Look at you kids with your vintage music,” she winks on “Love”, all the while creating a pitch-perfect pastiche of classic torch songs and teen ballads, from references to Phil Spector and the Beach Boys. Accentuated by its stark backing arrangement, the track’s power lies in ins simplicity and directness. Love might not be <i>all</i> you need, but it sure does make life worth living. “It don’t matter because it’s enough / To be young and in love,” Del Rey croons, urging listeners to embrace the feeling.