The Best Tracks of 2017, #2

2. Paramore, “Told You So”

For all the words written about Paramore’s struggles to keep the band intact amid a revolving door of supporting members, the bedrock has always ben the musical partnership between singer Hayley Williams and guitarist Taylor York. From the revelatory 2007 single “That’s What You Get” through 2013’s spectacular self-titled fourth album, the duo continues to break new ground with each new recording. “Told You So” immerses itself in the multicolored tones of 1980s pop, its syncopation, choppy guitar work, and marimba owing a great deal to the more Caribbean and African inspired sound of new wave, with producer Justin Meldal-Johnsen adding just the right touch of Tine Weymouth-inspired bass melodies. Capped off by a winning vocal performance by Williams, this track was an immediate highlight of the summer of 2017.