The Best Tracks of 2018, #20


20. The Beaches, “T-Shirt”

I enjoy my work, but doing my job with the local rock radio station playing in the background has been a major adjustment. As someone with rather strong opinions about music, I’ve had to learn to keep my cool while being inundated with such hack bands as Glorious Sons, Greta Van Fleet, Imagine Dragons, and Three Days Grace. Of all the new mainstream rock I’ve heard all year long, The Beaches’ infectious, funky “T-Shirt” still feels fresh and fun, even after a full year of hearing it twice a day every weekday. The four young women from Toronto released a killer album in 2017, but “T-Shirt” broke them into the mainstream in Canada, thanks to the sassy tale of keeping a shirt some dude left behind. It’s part predatory, part playful, and all attitude, as bassist Jordan Miller dryly sneers, “like a kleptomaniac, I’m not giving it back.” It’s the kind of female voice the male-dominated mainstream rock radio scene so desperately needs.