The Best Albums of 2018, #15


15. Shooting Guns, Another Wolfcop / Nosferatu (Pre-Rock)

In the wake of 2017’s album Flavour Country, Shooting Guns spent 2018 working on two special, movie-related releases that turned out to be distinct departures from their usual psychedelic-tinged, instrumental stoner jams. It was only natural that the boys were asked to create the soundtrack for the sequel to Canadian cult fave Wolfcop – after all, the previous soundtrack was very well received and did a great job accentuating the movie. For Another Wolfcop, however, they decided to stretch their sound out even more, making synthesizers just as prominent as their roaring guitars, and the end result is a sort-of garage rock take on John Carpenter soundtracks. As an album it works as a fun collection of quick jams, with plenty of variety and loads of hooks. Later in 2018 came a big surprise: on October 28, 2016 the band performed a brilliant live score to the classic silent film Nosferatu to a packed theatre in Saskatoon, and little did anyone know that they were recording it. By far the most restrained musical piece the band has ever created, the piece is the slowest of slow builds, ever-so-gradually morphing from an experiment in ambient drone music to the explosive, doom metal-inspired fifth act. As a soundtrack to the film it works extremely well, but the double album also is just as impressive as a strictly musical piece, some great mood music for those gloomy, brooding nights. With these two superb releases, it was great fun to hear just how adventurous Shooting Guns can be.