The Best Tracks of 2018, #15


15. Clutch, “In Walks Barbarella”

For years now, Clutch’s entrance music has been Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers’ 1987 funk tune “We Need Some Money (Bout Money)”. It was only a matter of time before that funk ferocity showed up in Clutch’s own songwriting, and wow, did it ever explode on the groove rocker “In Walks Barbarella”. Produced by Vance Powell, whose previous credits include albums by the White Stripes, Willie Nelson, and Sturgill Simpson, the track boasts one of the most fabulous horn sections I’ve heard in a metal song in a long time. The brass swings as hard as the four members of Clutch do, while Neil Fallon bellows about tractor beams, sci-fi women, gamma ray guns, and weaponized funk. It’s all so irresistible.