The Best Tracks of 2018, #7


7.CHVRCHES, “Graves”

Of all the great tracks on CHVRCHES’ excellent third album, “Graves” is the one I kept going back to the most. Frankly I always enjoy it when the trio crank up their dance influences, and “Graves” is as good as a banger as I’ve heard from them. Curiously, for all the visceral power of the music, the lyrics are the most politically charged on the record. Lauren Mayberry is clearly referencing the refugee crisis, not to mention Brexit support in the UK: “They’re leaving bodies in stairwells / Washing up on the shore / When you’re high in your castle, keeping an eye on the door”. Her singing is forceful and confident, even daring to pull off an “Oh baby” without a trace of irony. In this jaded age, that feels like a welcome dose of honesty.