The 2018 Track of the Year


Ghost, “Dance Macabre”

Lurking sneakily on side two of Ghost’s revelatory fourth album, “Dance Macabre” is not only a raucous depiction of dancing the night away in the face of impeding doom, but a pitch-perfect celebration of classic pop metal from the 1980s. Fitting somewhere between Also Nova’s “Fantasy” and Blue Öyster Cult’s “Dancing in the Ruins”, singer/songwriter/mastermind Tobias Forge builds the track around the most incessant rock hook on the year, dynamically building to the ingeniously punny payoff: “I just wanna be, I wanna bewitch you in the moonlight.” If Trump and his coterie of bigots are going to send us all spiraling to our doom, we might as well enjoy ourselves one last time, and this is the perfect soundtrack.