The Best Tracks of 2018, #2


2. Robyn, “Missing U”

“Can’t make sense of all of the pieces of my own delusions,” Robyn sings on her masterful comeback single, “Can’t take all these memories / Don’t know how to use ‘em.” In one sense, it’s the classic Robyn narrative that permeated such classic singles as “Dancing on My Own” and “Call Your Girlfriend”, in which she achieves a sort of transcendence by wallowing in her own misery. However there’s a sense of maturity, and even liberation that ultimately makes “Missing U” so special. Bolstered by a gorgeous, sparkling arrangement by Klas Åhlund and Joseph Mount, Robyn brings her trademark sincerity to the track, but this time around there’s the prevailing feeling that although she might be sad, there’s the acceptance that the sadness is okay. “All the love you gave, it still defines me,” she concludes, the song ending on a surprising, subtly positive note. Robyn has never sounded stronger.