The Best Tracks of 2018, #3


3. Billie Eilish, “You Should See Me in a Crown”

After releasing a pair of viral pop singles, teenager Billie Eilish sent listeners’ jaws straight to the floor with the minimalist “You Should See Me in a Crown”. Equal parts hip-hop and avant-garde electronic, the track is dominated by producer (and Eilish’s brother) Finneas O’Connell’s roaring synth line and skittering hi-hat beats, but the brooding presence of Eilish packs a huge wallop. It’s a rare modern pop song that demands menace from the singer rather than vocal histrionics, and Eilish delivers that in spades, snarling, “You should see me in a crown / I’m gonna run this nothing town / Watch me make ’em bow / One by one by one.”