The Best Albums of 2019, #18


18. Bat For Lashes, Lost Girls (Awal)

It feels like a lifetime ago when I first reviewed Bat For Lashes first album in 2006 and when I was absolutely transfixed by Two Suns three years later. 2012’s The Haunted Man was strong, but I had trouble getting into The Bride in 2016. I was slowly drifting away from Natasha Khan’s music to the point where I wasn’t excited to hear her new album earlier this year. Once I gave it a cautious listen, however, it was clear that she had recaptured the magic that made Two Suns so wonderful a a decade earlier. A big reason for the renewed inspiration was her relocation to Los Angeles to do film work, which, coupled with her usual interest in ’80s pop, yielded Lost Girls, a sort of concept album that feels inspired by music and movies from the ’80s. Every track offers a glimpse at the era from a different lens. You hear Hounds of Love, you hear Bananarama, you hear Berlin, while your mind’s eye sees The Lost Boys, Over the Edge, and The Never Ending Story. By immersing herself in art she loves, Khan emerged with an original little universe all her own, and Lost Girls could very well be the defining record of her career so far.