The Best Tracks of 2019, #18


18. The Interrupters, “Gave You Everything”

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I hear mainstream rock radio at work every day. At first it was very anxiety-inducing: the limited, corporate-driven playlist, the relentless and aggressive advertising, the misogyny, the hetronormativity, the conservatism, the repetition is relentless. It still is an anxiety trigger, especially in December when radio leans hard on the listener to buy, Buy, BUY in time for the 25th, but at the very least I’ve gotten better at tuning out the constant playing of “Dream On”, “Hotel California”, and “Superman’s Dead”. One small bright spot for me in 2019 was every time the station played “Gave You Everything” by ’90s punk throwbacks The Interrupters. Sure, it’s from their 2018 album but this song gained serious traction in 2019, and for good reason: it’s a loud, Hellacopters-esque blast of guitars, snarky lyrics, and a wicked hook straight out of No Doubt circa 1995. Add the fact that it’s sung by a woman – let’s face it, radio programmers are terrified of women –  and it’s a minor miracle that this great little tune infiltrated such a poisonous, spirit-deadening, and flat-out evil media format.