The Best Tracks of 2019, #13


13. Ashley O, “On a Roll”

I have no idea what Black Mirror is, but I could not escape the news that Miley Cyrus played a pop singer on the tv show. Normally I wouldn’t care, but what hooked me in, along with everyone else, was the fact that her fictional character sings a completely reworked version of Nine Inch Nails’ classic “Head Like a Hole”. It is as inspired a pop music as I have ever heard, taking Trent Reznor’s vitriolic industrial/dance anthem into a poppy statement of empowerment. It’s the best thing Miley has done in forever. “Bow down before the one you serve / You’re going to get what you deserve” becomes, “I’m stoked on ambition and verve / I’m gonna get what I deserve.” How can you not love that?