The Best Tracks of 2019, #11



11. Charly Bliss, “Capacity”

“I used to think that I should be good at everything,” sings Eva Hendricks, “Now I know I was wrong.” Life lessons, man. Charly Bliss confronted their collective early-20s misery on their stupendous second album, but instead of whining about it, Hendricks and crew take a mature approach. Yes, the sad parts are sad, as on “Capacity”, but there’s no reason to wallow in it. As she goes on, she says she will “Sever every microscopic atom of connection to / ‘I can barely keep myself afloat when I’m not saving you'”. Stop trying to please everyone, and work on making yourself a better human being. You live and learn in life, and Charly Bliss grew up in a huge way in 2019.