The 2019 Track of the Year


Charly Bliss, “Chatroom”

Like so many great rock and pop songs, Charly Bliss’s gloriously hooky “Chatroom” is rooted in dark subject matter. According to singer/guitarist Eva Hendricks, the song was written in the wake of being sexually assaulted, in which blinding rage steadily morphs into empowering joy. Featuring verses that seethe with anger (“Everybody knows you’re the second coming…wasted a summer slappin’ my face”) the song builds in intensity (“I am trusting, well adjusted, marked me dormant, I erupted”) and explodes with a triumphant sing-along chorus atop a contagious disco beat. The highlight of a revelatory second album, Charly Bliss embraced their pop-leaning side on “Chatroom” and emerged with the best rock track of the year.