No Baudelaire, Just Glitter Lust

Goldfrapp’s ongoing project of reissuing their albums on vinyl has given me a good chance to revisit those records (all of which I have obsessed over to some degree) and write about them a second time, if only to see how time has treated the music, and to gauge my own visceral reaction to it […]

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The Best Albums of 2018, #13

13. GAS, Rausch (Kompakt) There’s a silly reason why the latest album by Kompakt Records co-founder Wolfgang Voigt is my most-played album of 2018. Or maybe it’s not-so-silly because some of you can relate. You see, I hate hearing chatter on the morning commute. Hate it, hate it, hate it. If I was in a […]

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The Best Albums of 2018, #19

19. Thom Yorke, Suspiria (Music From the Luca Guadagnino Film) (XL Recordings) This was a case where an artistic project I was initially sceptical about surprised me a great deal, on two levels. As a longtime admirer of Dario Argento’s giallo classic Suspiria and a fervent opponent of Hollywood “reboots”, I was initially appalled by […]

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