The Best Tracks of 2019, #5

5. Sleater-Kinney, “Hurry on Home” For a band as confrontational as Sleater-Kinney, they never really opened up as much as they did on the first single from their daring album The Center Won’t Hold. On the direct, minimalist-yet-noisy “Hurry on Home”, Carrie Brownstein exudes self-confidence, singing, “You know I’m dress down-able, uptown-able, hair grab-able, grand […]

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Honourable Mentions of 2018

The best of the rest, in alphabetical order: Amorphis, Queen of Time (Nuclear Blast) I’ve said it plenty of times before, but Finland’s Amorphis have become one of the most enduring metal bands of the last quarter century, and they continued their sterling post-2005 run with a 13th album that showcases their strengths masterfully: dynamic […]

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