Look Good, But Don’t Be Obsessed

Ask me what my favourite band is from 2010 to the present, and I’ll tell you one of them is Chvrches. What started out as an innocuous little electropop outfit has matured before our eyes, the songwriting improving, the musicianship evolving, and the emergence of a powerful female voice in popular music. Every new release […]

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No Step on Snek.

When I think of the crummier things that happened in 2021, one of the biggest was learning just how many metal musicians are anti-vaxxers. Heavy metal has always skewed farther right than, say, a left-wing haven like the indie music scene, but metal fans have always been able to co-exist without dwelling on political differences. […]

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Throw My Shoe at the Altar

Of all the developments in popular music in the last five years, what floors me the most is the emergence of a new generation of exceptionally women singer-songwriters. All the same age, all at the same time. It’s staggering. Following in the tradition of the likes of Joni Mitchell, Patty Griffin, and Kathleen Edwards, these […]

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