Satan’s Coming ‘Round the Bend

Tribute albums are so overdone that it takes an extremely special one to command my attention, let alone buy. Especially a tribute to Black Sabbath. The Nativity in Black tribute albums in the 1990s really kicked the metal tribute album fad into high gear, and anyone attempting to pull off a similar tribute album now […]

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The Best Albums of 2018, #3

3. Sleep, The Sciences (Third Man) It was admittedly cute seeing Sleep reunite after a long dormancy, and their headlining performance at Roadburn 2012 was the stuff of legend. Seriously, that show in Holland was one of the most memorable concerts I have ever attended. But it was a good novelty, a seemingly quick diversion […]

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The Best Albums of 2018, #15

15. Shooting Guns, Another Wolfcop / Nosferatu (Pre-Rock) In the wake of 2017’s album Flavour Country, Shooting Guns spent 2018 working on two special, movie-related releases that turned out to be distinct departures from their usual psychedelic-tinged, instrumental stoner jams. It was only natural that the boys were asked to create the soundtrack for the […]

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Honourable Mentions of 2018

The best of the rest, in alphabetical order: Amorphis, Queen of Time (Nuclear Blast) I’ve said it plenty of times before, but Finland’s Amorphis have become one of the most enduring metal bands of the last quarter century, and they continued their sterling post-2005 run with a 13th album that showcases their strengths masterfully: dynamic […]

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The Best Albums of 2017, #3

                      3. Pallbearer, Heartless (Profound Lore) I’m tempted to just come out and grandiosely declare Pallbearer the best American metal band of the 2010s. And five years ago I never thought I’d ever say that about this band. Contrary to the curmudgeons who grumble pathetically, […]

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The Best Albums of 2017, #14

                    14. Shooting Guns, Flavour Country (Riding Easy) It’s been so much fun seeing Shooting Guns evolve into one of the finest psychedelic doom bands on the planet. There’s no one else like them, frankly: the music is jam-driven, but the jams they create are of […]

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