The Best Singles of 2013, #7

band01Sky Ferreira, “You’re Not the One”

Of all the eclectic songs on Sky Ferreira’s surprisingly triumphant debut album, “You’re Not the One” stuck with me the most. So much of it is so striking. It has a strange ‘70s feel with its pure lushness, it has a post-punk feel thanks to its clattery production and touches of abrasion, yet the central hook is so Big ‘80s. It’s also the one track on the record where Ferreira opens herself up a bit, stepping away from her sullen, pouty persona for some full-on belting in the choruses. It’s an irresistible little track, one that’s far too good to be percolating in the semi-underground. It’s begging for a serious mainstream break-out; here’s hoping it happens.